Why Choose basix.ai?

Reason #1

The Smallest Learning Curve out of Any Sales Platform

When you start a session, you match with a single Prospect on one window. You do all you actions from this one window. From calling, to emailing, to recording data, to leaving pre-recorded voicemails, and more. All this without getting lost between 5 different tabs across 3 different windows. Within a matter of minutes, you can become a pro user of basix.ai and reach out to hundreds of Prospects a day.

Reason #2

One Package with No Hidden Costs

Have you ever signed up for a tool for an expected price but then have had to buy hidden add-ons? So have we. With basix.ai, what you see is what you get. No add-ons and no more hidden fees.

More than just another tool, basix.ai consolidates and replaces your need for:

  • Mass Email Automation Platform
  • Cloud-integrated Telephony and Server Provider
  • Lead Scoring Provider
  • In-house Data Specialist

Reason #3

Automate Everything with 1-Click Actions

With other tools, you have to click over 20 times to get through a single prospect. While finger workouts are great, making sales is even better. 1-Click Actions enable you to average only 5 clicks per prospect. Better still, every click you make feeds the Smart Engine data to match you with better leads.

vs basix.ai competitors

Reason #4

Smarts like No Other

A Multi-factor Event Driven Smart Engine is what powers basix.ai. What this means is 3 types of data sources rather than our competitors that only use 1. Agent-generated data, real-time event data, and Agent selling style data are all used for machine learning. With richer data, basix.ai can match you with better prospects over time. Stop growing out of your sales tools and start growing together with basix.ai.

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