Smart Engine

The most advanced Machine Learning out of any sales platforms

Every prospect the Smart Engine serves to your reps is statistically guaranteed to have the highest chance of being sold

Auto Profile Enrichment

Turn your notes into data for machine learning. Instead of taking notes, the Smart Tag System records Prospect data in a few clicks. Better yet, the Smart Tags get fed into the Smart Engine to serve you the best possible prospects.       

All incoming Prospect data gets captured and fed into the Smart Engine. Stop time-drain from data entry, scheduling, and from getting lost across different screens. Multi-factor Event Driven Smart Engine vs Competitors’ Single-Factor Smart Engines

Real-time Data – Prospects showing live interest go to the top of your pipeline

Internal and External Data – Conversion data gets used to predict the best Prospects

User Matching – Get matched with Prospects that respond best to your selling style

vs competitors

Smart Pipeline with Intelligent Perseverance

Follow-up with your pipeline prospects at exactly the right time. learns the sweet-spot for follow-up by testing and predicting different times. Opens, clicks, responses, and other data bumps Prospects up in your pipeline.

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