Performance Tracking

Understand what’s working across your entire sales department by gaining full visibility into every pipeline and sales process

Main Dashboard

Think of this as your command center. From here you can get a birds-eye view on how you are doing for that particular day, week, month, or lifetime. View your pipeline, remember your meetings, collaborate with your, and more.

Pipeline Dashboard

The Pipeline Dashboard is a detailed snapshot of your end to end flow of Prospects. You can see what stages get pushed through and what stages act as bottlenecks. Find out how much of your outreach gets entered into your pipeline with stats like contact-to-pipeline ratio. Every user has unique pipeline names and stages so we offer a high degree of customization right out of the box.

Mobile User Account mobile lets you stay on top of your follow ups and view important notifications while on the go. You can see a quick snippet of your pipeline and make quick calls or emails to high priority follow ups. Stepping away from your desk doesn’t need to feel like you’re losing touch.


Set priorities and goals to ensure your team stays focused on the right things. Milestones and countdowns notifications help motivate and push you to hit targets. Users can request to download calls as soon as they are over, and Managers can view any call ever made.

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