Why CRM Fails

Act! was released in 1986 as the first CRM. It marked the transition from paper-based lead tracking to data-driven digital lead management. To no surprise, over 30 years later, CRM is still the be-all-end-all sales tool for almost every organization—91% of companies with more than 11 employees use it.

Why is it then that there are many companies that struggle to effectively integrate CRM into their sales?

Sales is arguably one of the most scrutinized and tracked departments in any company. A salesperson needs to devote as much time as possible to tasks that directly impact their quotas—CRM data entry is not one of them. Neither is being forced to perform admin work with a clunky and complicated tool that offers no direct benefit to the salesperson.

Where did the disconnect happen?

Why do many struggle with sales software yet at the same time they are able to pick up the latest smartphone and perform countless unique tasks with no prior training? Sales software should be intuitive enough to use by just clicking around and discovering, not by having to read a 50 page PDF and hire a consultant.

Sales software needs to be streamlined down to a intuitive UI where the inner workings occurred under the hood and not on a cluttered dashboard. Salespeole need to stop part-timing as data scientists and admins. There is no place for 30 year old technology in 2018 with the advent of machine learning, AI, and automation.

Why drain call time with data entry and tasks when a computer can perform the same tasks several times faster?

Basix is built with the vision of the salesperson clicking “next”—that’s it. With that simple action, Basix uses real-time data to find the best possible lead that is most likely to convert. After enough data has been gathered, it then evaluates the model it used to plan outreach and improves it according to its findings. After several iterations, each company will have a model that has grown alongside them that is tailored specifically for their use.

Basix automates data entry by capturing data as it comes in and assigning it to the corresponding leads. This does away with the need to waste time by juggling across multiple tools, entering data, and making decisions. It is the ultimate sidekick for every sales rep rather than the ultimate nemesis.

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