How Software Should Work

Why don’t I just use a real notebook?

Computer software that functions like a paper notebook and lets you flip virtual pages is not the solution to a better notebook.

If your software tool is merely a digital extension of existing means, you have already missed the opportunity. Technology can be so much more than one place to get a bunch of different things done. It has the power to make us into superheroes.

It might sound strange hearing that computers can make you into a superhero but bear with me for a moment. I am going to use a seemingly obvious example, but please stop to consider just how impactful this is.


You can type in any question, and Google improves your question—it considers what you may also want or what you may have even meant. It then returns the best answers on any far-flung topic you can think of. Like what? I can instantly be an expert beekeeper (even though I am scared of bees!).

source: Duke Pham

Marketing has been going through a transformation for decades and was one of the earliest business areas, in this author’s opinion, to start to change how things are done. Marketers do not interact with customers directly, therefore there are many opportunities to impact the marketer’s journey through the use of technology. The adoption of modern tools and the iterative improvement of these tools has led to marketing performance taking off.


Sales is a people function. It revolves around people who deal with people all day. As a result, the process has been slow to change due to fear of watering down the people-centric approach.

The use of technology in sales however, is rising. With larger inside-sales teams, virtual conferencing, and other solutions, we are finding more salespeople using tools to connect with their customers than ever before. Never has there been a more opportune moment than now to improve and partner with salespeople through the adoption of software solutions.

What we’ve been doing by creating Basix is building it around the belief that software should bring enough value to the table that anyone using it should feel it is an extension of themselves and a partner—not just another tool. We are building simple user experiences, while taking advantage of the most cutting-edge advances technology has to offer. Software should be about people, getting a job done, and doing it better than any other existing solution.

We are salespeople building software for salespeople that drives results. We believe that smarter software will make sales people focused again and increase results at the same time. Follow us on social media to keep in touch with our journey in creating the next gen of sales tools.

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